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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ServerMania Support Fleet

Server Mania is notably pleased of their Support Fleet. So proud, they do not call them a Support Department, Support Team, or even a Support Crew. A person has to be extremely efficient at his/her job to be called a Fleet. To maintain the rapid growth of their service offerings, upgraded hardware, and new data centers across the USA, Server Mania has deployed all-new self-service Knowledge Base web resource.

If you are a Server Mania customer for a long time, and have become accustomed and fond of the efficient, friendly, service provided by their Support Fleet, no need to worry. They will nevertheless be prepared to serve you. Server Mania Knowledge Base puts information at customers fingertips, and swiftly locate the information they require.

For Wide Selection Of Dynamic Hosting Solutions, Dedicated to the client on unbeatable prices choose Server Mania as a host. Hosting services offered includes: Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers, Dedicated servers, hybrid smart servers, backup servers, colocation and DDos protection.

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