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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why to Choose Cpwebhosting as the Right Host for my Web Site?

Prepare your Strategy
Developing a professional web presence requires a comprehensive strategy to ensure success. The most important element to the overall success of your website is your hosting service. 

Uptime Guarantee
Your hosting service cannot guarantee your site will succeed, but it can surely devastate it. No matter what applications you use (streaming video, audio, discussion forums, etc.) or plug-ins (Flash and Shockwave), if your visitors cannot load your site within a few seconds, your finished. 

Recent studies have shown that you only have 20 seconds to grab your visitor's attention. The longer it takes your site to go from download-to-live, the less time you have to retain your visitors.

Remember, your competition is only one click away. The best way to choose a web hosting company is to follow these six suggestions. Remember, selecting the right web hosting company is vital to your success on the Internet.

Determine Resources Need
Determine how much disk storage space and how much monthly data transfer your site requires? Disk storage space refers to the amount of server space allocated to your account. The files that make up your website stored in your storage space. These records include your HTML files, audio/video, graphics, etc. 

The data transfer is how much data your site transmits each month. Data transfer includes any outbound traffic from your site, except e-mails. In general, an average HIT is about 10K. 

This would mean that a monthly data transfer account of 2.0 Gigabyte would allow approximately 200,000 hits. Remember, if your data transfer rate is higher than the amount allocated by your hosting company you will have to pay for any extra data transfer.

Type of Hosting Plan
How should you Host? There are three different ways to host your site. The three ways are shared hosting, dedicated hosting and colocated hosting. Shared hosting means that your site positioned among other "websites" on a single machine. This type of hosting is usually adequate for the majority of "text-n-gif" sites. 

Dedicated hosting refers to your dedicated machine. As you add more interactive elements to your site, you may want to consider a dedicated host. 

The final is a colocated server. You owned the server but located in your host's facility. You chose the bandwidth, and your host provides the access.

How Much Technical Support do you Need? Do you need 24/7 live technical support or do you only work on your website during business hours? If you only work on your site during hours of operation, you probably don't need 24/7 technical support, so why pay for it. However, you need to determine how much on-demand support you need for your site.

What Features Included? Does your hosting package support e-commerce, multimedia, database, etc.? These type of features included in even the basic of packages. If these are not, look elsewhere.

Make sure the ownership of your domain remains in your name. Some hosting companies place their name in the Administration and Technical Support of the domain registration. Query the database ( to ensure your name recorded in these positions. If the hosting company is listed, contact them and have it changed. If they refuse, transfer your business to another hosting company.

What is the Attitude of the Employees? Is the telephone answered in a friendly and courteous manner? Is the technical support department helpful? These are the people you will be dealing with for many years to come. Make sure it is a pleasurable experience.

Make sure to answer the proceeding six questions before you select a company to host your website. Remember, the web is global, just because you live in a particular city, doesn't matter you should host your site with a local company. If a local hosting company doesn't provide quality customer service, high-quality hosting, and competitive pricing, it is very simple to locate a business that does provide exactly what you need.

Choosing the right web hosting or host company is the most important thing for the success of your website. Downtime leads to losing customers. Think about this for a second. Someone reads your advertisement in a newsletter or sees your banner on a website, do you say if they click on it and get no response they will try again in 20 minutes? They won't. A potential customer, down the drain.

Even something as simple as your current host not having the features you need to run a high quality shopping cart will make you lose customers. As you can see, choosing CPWebHosting for your web host is crucial.

But how do you I know that CPWebHosting is my web host? There are thousands of other sites out there. Here are a few natural reasons you need to think about that make us your only choice.

  1. First, sit down and think about your needs before looking for a host. There is no point choosing CPWebHosting, only to find out that they don't support any of the features you need, or that you are paying for things that you will never use. Ask your web designer what features are required for your site to work.
    One of the features necessary for e-commerce (that is often not included) is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which used so you can safely accept credit cards on your site. Other features that are required are things such as CGI (Common Gateway Interface) which allow you to run programs such as shopping carts on your site, well CPWebHosting does supply them.
  2. Email us if you are interested in before signing up. Send our support department a few emails, at different times, just to check how quickly we respond. With our 24/7 support, you can call us as well and make sure that you can talk to a human if you need to. Sometimes that is the quickest way to resolve a problem. Our number is toll-free; 866-628-7829  call us now if you require to.
    Take this opportunity to ask us about the features we offer. If there is a feature you want that we don't have listed, ask us if we can add it. Don't forget to measure our response time as it will be very quick!
  3. Decide whether you need a Virtual or Dedicated server. If your site is very busy millions of hits a month - then you need a dedicated server. Head over to for more information about choosing between Virtual & Dedicated servers.
    We do offer semi-dedicated options, where you share the server with 4 or so other people. This isn't a good choice, and if you need that sort of speed, look into getting our dedicated server.
  4. If you want to ask us for some sites that are currently hosted on our servers then - make sure the site loads fast, email the owners of the site & ask them if they are happy with the service they are getting.
  5. Try to avoid NT, Mac and Cobalt servers. Web servers can come in many types, from Unix based, to NT, Cobalt, Sun Solaris and even Macintosh. For 95% of people, a Unix-based server is the best option. Many people get scared when they read the word "Unix"; it sounds so hard to use! In actuality, however, it is easier to use the Web server than the other options. Feel free to contact us if you need some help deciding what type of server you need.
  6. All beginners and even some of the advanced web developers out there will benefit from having an easy to use Control Panel to handle things on their site, such as email addresses. CPWebHosting has all of this to make your hosting as fun as possible.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Protection of domains

Domain name registrars offer domain privacy service for security of domains. Most of the companies sell privacy to their users, and in turn, replace the user’s information in WHOIS along with the forwarding service information.


The database which contains information about your domain such as its registrar, name server, full name and others is term as WHOIS. The WHOIS database contains all the contact and other information related to domains, and each registrar maintains them for the domains they host. InterNIC maintains the WHOIS database, a central registry.

When you register for a domain, there are chances that your name, address, phone no., e-mail exposed to marketing firms, spammers, and online fraudsters. So, here is WHOIS Guard which protects your privacy and let you stress-free.


WHOIS Guard may place your information in whois and provide you with an option of redirecting e-mails on a daily basis to your customer’s real address. When the emails transferred, junk emails and regular emails avoided, which provide relief to its clients from junk and spam.

Features of WHOIS Guard

One of the most important elements of WHOIS Guard is that it allows you to keep your identity secure and safe as it replaces your information with their information in public WHOIS. 

Next its e-mail forwarding option, which means your e-mail address receive your e-mail and may forward I to another e-mail id of your choice.
WHOIS Guard can be disabled if you want your information to be display in public WHOIS and as per your need, you can also enable it using control panel. 

Your WHOIS Guard e-mail address configured, so that it may change automatically at regular intervals, to provide you security against spamming.
How can WHOIS Guard be acquired?

WHOIS guard purchased as an add-on to the registered domains at the partner registrars.

How WHOIS Guard work?

To protect your information from spammers, WHOIS Guard may place all their information in public WHOIS.

Let me show you the example which illustrates the difference between “With WHOIS protection” and “without protection.”

With WHOIS Guard protection

Registrant contact:

WHOIS Guard protected


Fax: +51.16067982

P.O. BOX-08976-098764


Without protection

Registrant contact:




Fax: +5.4587906322

15, Valley Lane, PA 08095


E-Mail and addresses are display when WHOIS Guard protection is turned on, and it may turn off also in a secure manner. Now if someone drops a mail on a unique address, WHOIS Guard forwards it to your actual e-mail address, which is real and which you mention.

Advantages of having WHOIS Guard

  • Available at an affordable price
  • It reduces spam
  • Move from one domain to other domain
  • Provide you protection from telemarketers and identity theft
  • It is free for one year with new domain registrations and transfers
  • Which is the best provider providing WHOIS Guard domain privacy protection?

Namecheap –

If you are looking for the best option to protect your domain at international level, then you may go for Namecheap WHOIS Guard domain privacy center. They ensure you that their WHOIS may protect your domain name registration and always keep private till your privacy protection is active.

What advantages Namecheap offers?

  • They replace your postal address with their address.
  • They replace your e-Mail address with their unique generated e-mail address.
  • They return your phone no. And fax no. With phone and fax no.
  • What plans they offer?

Namecheap offers three programs:

First is WhoisGuard “Protect One” which may protect one domain and considered as a better option for starters or beginners. Its price starts from $2.88 per year.
Second is WhoisGuard “Dual Pack” which may provide protection up to 2 domains and its price start from $4.88 per year.
The third one is WhoisGuard “5 Pack” which protect your up to 5 domains at a cost starting from %7.88 per year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Domain Purchases

Purchase Hosting and Domain from Separate companies! The point of suspection is from the very begining of creating online presence.

The truth is attempted to be explored here. Client satisfaction is a very important part of any business. Having a proper knowledge about the subject can lead the clients to a proper and satisfying purchase and therefore, a satisfying outcome.

Domain purchase is a very important part for the internet clients. There are a variety of domain registrar all over the market offering the domains and the hosting panels at different prices.  

However the clients can buy the domains and hosting panels only or get a package. Sometimes the price is higher for the packages sometimes the clients get the domains and the hosting panels in high prices. This makes them confused as what kind of purchase they should make.

What is best, to buy only domain hosting or to get it in a package. The truth lies with the quality of the domains. The clients should look for the for the quality domains whether in the packages or in the individual buys. However it is seen that the packaged offers are most of the time qualitatively better than the ones purchased individually.
 Then there is the factor about the registrar. The best registrars are offered in the packages. There are a lot of quality registrars which make marginal profits out of this business. They also offer the daily updates of the other various registrar market share. In this way they make a standard guideline of the market. So the clients should look for those registrars having all these qualities.

In comparison between only area and hosting and package therefore, the role of the registrar is seen to be the most. The clients, having selected the registrar, have to register the domain in the register’s web interface. There are many privacy and security features that these domains and hosting panels offer. More or less all these features are available in the packages, but in case of individual purchase, some features may seem to be missing.

Those dealers who offer the packages also offer the additional supports. Buying the domains and hosting only from the open market may not provide all these additional supports. Recently in the market the leading dealers have focused making the best deals on the packages.

The price level is also less in the purchase of the packages. What is best, to buy only domain and hosting or to get it in a package? The truth is that qualitatively in both the cases the clients do not get any disappointments. But in the question of better service options as well as additional features, the clients seem to choose the packaged ones.

Following the trend, many dealers selling the domains and hosting individually are now moving to the packaged selling options. So, on the question of what is best, to buy only domain and hosting or to get it in a package? The truth lies on the customer satisfaction.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Benefits of Dedicated server

 Good performance, as the system resources not shared with other websites.

Secure: Accessible by the account owner only. He can add firewall and can customize it.

No Traffic Congestion: Entire bandwidth belongs allocated to the server whether metered or unmetered is for account holder web sites or his client's websites. 

Resource upgradation: As per requirement, resources like disk space, processor, RAM can be upgraded. 
Site loads fastly and has good performance.
Dedicated IP's provided with server hosting plans.

 Dedicated Hosting Cons

Cost is high, as compared to shared hosting and VPS.

Managed dedicated server

  • Server management, security & up-gradation are done by the provider. 
  • It includes monitoring of server, backup of the server, hardware, firewall and a managed service level. 
  • Your server may personally set up by the provider and installation of approved web applications installation for e-commerce, blogging, managing contacts of your customers i.e. their names, an address is also done. 
  • The client is relaxed from the issues related to server maintenance. 
  • Managed dedicated server allows the proper and supporting infrastructure for websites and applications with private cloud, public cloud, managed virtualization in a hybrid hosting environment. 
  • Most important is that provider manages entire server by engaging their expert staff. It saves client's time and efforts in running a dedicated server.

Managed dedicated servers have few limitations

One of the significant limitations of managed dedicated servers is its cost. It also includes the cost of added services need for your account management and for hiring expertise to manage your server, acquiring applications and server maintenance costs.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

7host Unique Selling Points
7host has been offering web hosting, dedicated servers and cloud technologies
Click on the Link given below to visit 7host

They not only just control clients system effectively but also offer freed up components used for the other main issues. Currently, the company has developed proficiency in VPS or virtual cloud servers with ample experience to back it up. Through this hosting, provider customers can allocate memory resources, space and CPU on several machines together. It results in proper load balancing that helps clients in managing the situation of server failure. 7host services are available on both Linux and Windows servers. Also, their all plans come with 99.99% uptime guarantee and 30 days refund policy.

around the world. Their data centers are situated in Italy with dedicated and proficient team to help their customers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2FreeHosting Company Review
2freehosting is a leading provider of free web hosting services without ads and hidden fees. This hosting comes with free subdomain, cPanel, and 99.9% uptime which is impressive. However company’s hosting features are limited, but customers get advantages from their free support, building tools and templates.
Click on the Link given below to visit 2freehosting

Some features include 10MYsql databases, PHPMyAdmin and FTP access. Also, 2free hosting customer support is quite good, but some details are missing. Their support is available through many support channels including FAQ, social media, and forums. Company hosting services include shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting. On top this, they have attractive websites with very friendly layouts and excellent cPanel hosting


Hostforweb Providing Reliable Hosting Services
Hostforweb has been providing reliable hosting solutions from the past 12 years. Now, the company has more than 2 million websites and well-experienced staff for providing excellent solutions and services. For customer’s issues, the company hires only efficient and passionate executives that ensure clients satisfaction.
Click on the Link given below to visit HostForweb

Their solutions include Apache updates, server hardening, firewall configuration, PHP assistance and more. Also, they provide fully managed hosting solutions, 200+ pre-installed apps, user-friendly control panel, and website builder for the customers. Therefore, customers need to worry about only content for their website. On top of this, it is a risk-free company as they provide 30-day full refund guarantee.


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