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Friday, October 28, 2016

Benefits of Dedicated server

 Good performance, as the system resources not shared with other websites.

Secure: Accessible by the account owner only. He can add firewall and can customize it.

No Traffic Congestion: Entire bandwidth belongs allocated to the server whether metered or unmetered is for account holder web sites or his client's websites. 

Resource upgradation: As per requirement, resources like disk space, processor, RAM can be upgraded. 
Site loads fastly and has good performance.
Dedicated IP's provided with server hosting plans.

 Dedicated Hosting Cons

Cost is high, as compared to shared hosting and VPS.

Managed dedicated server

  • Server management, security & up-gradation are done by the provider. 
  • It includes monitoring of server, backup of the server, hardware, firewall and a managed service level. 
  • Your server may personally set up by the provider and installation of approved web applications installation for e-commerce, blogging, managing contacts of your customers i.e. their names, an address is also done. 
  • The client is relaxed from the issues related to server maintenance. 
  • Managed dedicated server allows the proper and supporting infrastructure for websites and applications with private cloud, public cloud, managed virtualization in a hybrid hosting environment. 
  • Most important is that provider manages entire server by engaging their expert staff. It saves client's time and efforts in running a dedicated server.

Managed dedicated servers have few limitations

One of the significant limitations of managed dedicated servers is its cost. It also includes the cost of added services need for your account management and for hiring expertise to manage your server, acquiring applications and server maintenance costs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Best E-Commerce Hosting Provider 

E-commerce hosting is a standard expression to describe kind of web hosting platform used to serve an e-commerce website. E-commerce hosting is different from standard web hosting in which number of functionalities and features are required to manage commercial website. Many features like database support, SSL, payment processing services, shopping cart software, additional e-commerce software and security initiatives. This hosting is designed to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with all tools and services required to set-up, manage and conduct e-commerce business.

In addition to e-commerce functionality, web space is also provided to host website, an email server or email support, technical support and web hosting features for businesses.

Best Ecommerce Hosting Provider

Online business are taken now by companies because through great potential to reach to a wider audience. Popularity of e-commerce rose where everything is processed online. E-commerce not only revolutionize the way people do their shopping but also paved way for businesses, regardless of its size, having platform for their products and services. Numbers of benefits are provided by both parties making winning situation for business owners and customers.

If anyone wants to earn money and bring his business online, then first step is to find reliable web host provider. Always consider that user are about to launch an e-commerce site and some special tools are needed by web host to ensure quality performance and online success. For right web hosting plan, there are some points to consider:

For an e-commerce website Uptime is very important. Clients will get easy access on information about services and products that an online store is offering and if website keeps on experiencing technical difficulties, it could consider to lost income. Reliable web host provider should be found and address immediately any issues in no time. A web host provider is chosen that fulfill requirements 24/7 as per their need and offer resources and tools for improvement. 

For small scale businesses flexible payment options in a budget are important factor. Many web host companies are providing affordable packages but user should be alert to switch any offers immediately. Features should be understood and read accordingly, included in hosting package. 

To establish e-commerce website is complicated and technical. Large amount of disk space and bandwidth are required to ensure an operation free from any kind of disturbances. A wide range of features will be offered by web hosting companies and important to select package can accommodate user needs and website requirements. Search those companies will offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, always remember marketing scheme in order to attract customers. 

With many E-commerce hosting companies in market nowadays, there is boundary line between good and better service, responsibility lies on web host package, which are provided to customers. Always select company which is not only affordable but also efficient in offering reliable services.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dot5hosting provided high-quality level of technical support

Dot5hosting hosting company has built its success in the hosting industry around providing reliable and stable hosting services. 
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The company hosting services uses the userfriendly and powerful vDeck control panel. It offers clients 30 day money back guarantee and up to 100 persent network uptime guarantee. The company has a team of well trained engineers located in North America and in Europe to ensure the company delivers high quality private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. Its network infrastructure is monitored 24x7 by qualified technicians. The company internet network has more than 800 servers that process about 5.5GB of storage each second.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Start your web hosting business with Linux Hosting Plans is the most reliable and oldest hosting company, founded in 2001. Since its inception, company has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of small, enterprise and business website around the world. Their hosting features include unlimited emails, web space, domains, bandwidth, MySQL, PHP and all time customer support available. 
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Focus in script languages such as Fantastico, Softaculous, Mysql and PHP hosting, email and multiple domains hosting. Provides superior customer service with user-friendly and understandable support team. There is no hidden cost instead account gets active instantly after registration. In addition, company offers 30-day money back guarantee as well. Their hosting services include reseller, shared VPS, and dedicated servers.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Webcom Systems the Best hosting Services provider

 Webcomindia offers quality cheap Linux and Windows hosting for individual or business website in India since 1999. Their hosting services include reseller, dedicated servers for multiple domains, and VPS hosting. 
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Linux plans include MySQL databases and PHP as well as CMS- Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, and Drupal. Provide hosting solutions with unlimited email accounts, web space, domains, and sub-domains. Company gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. They also have various modes of payment, hosting tutorials that make hosting hassle free. Web hosting servers located at USA datacenters. Webcomindia includes hosting features such as reliability, easy to use, risk-free, money back guarantee and more. 

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