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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Protection of domains

Domain name registrars offer domain privacy service for security of domains. Most of the companies sell privacy to their users, and in turn, replace the user’s information in WHOIS along with the forwarding service information.


The database which contains information about your domain such as its registrar, name server, full name and others is term as WHOIS. The WHOIS database contains all the contact and other information related to domains, and each registrar maintains them for the domains they host. InterNIC maintains the WHOIS database, a central registry.

When you register for a domain, there are chances that your name, address, phone no., e-mail exposed to marketing firms, spammers, and online fraudsters. So, here is WHOIS Guard which protects your privacy and let you stress-free.


WHOIS Guard may place your information in whois and provide you with an option of redirecting e-mails on a daily basis to your customer’s real address. When the emails transferred, junk emails and regular emails avoided, which provide relief to its clients from junk and spam.

Features of WHOIS Guard

One of the most important elements of WHOIS Guard is that it allows you to keep your identity secure and safe as it replaces your information with their information in public WHOIS. 

Next its e-mail forwarding option, which means your e-mail address receive your e-mail and may forward I to another e-mail id of your choice.
WHOIS Guard can be disabled if you want your information to be display in public WHOIS and as per your need, you can also enable it using control panel. 

Your WHOIS Guard e-mail address configured, so that it may change automatically at regular intervals, to provide you security against spamming.
How can WHOIS Guard be acquired?

WHOIS guard purchased as an add-on to the registered domains at the partner registrars.

How WHOIS Guard work?

To protect your information from spammers, WHOIS Guard may place all their information in public WHOIS.

Let me show you the example which illustrates the difference between “With WHOIS protection” and “without protection.”

With WHOIS Guard protection

Registrant contact:

WHOIS Guard protected


Fax: +51.16067982

P.O. BOX-08976-098764


Without protection

Registrant contact:




Fax: +5.4587906322

15, Valley Lane, PA 08095


E-Mail and addresses are display when WHOIS Guard protection is turned on, and it may turn off also in a secure manner. Now if someone drops a mail on a unique address, WHOIS Guard forwards it to your actual e-mail address, which is real and which you mention.

Advantages of having WHOIS Guard

  • Available at an affordable price
  • It reduces spam
  • Move from one domain to other domain
  • Provide you protection from telemarketers and identity theft
  • It is free for one year with new domain registrations and transfers
  • Which is the best provider providing WHOIS Guard domain privacy protection?

Namecheap –

If you are looking for the best option to protect your domain at international level, then you may go for Namecheap WHOIS Guard domain privacy center. They ensure you that their WHOIS may protect your domain name registration and always keep private till your privacy protection is active.

What advantages Namecheap offers?

  • They replace your postal address with their address.
  • They replace your e-Mail address with their unique generated e-mail address.
  • They return your phone no. And fax no. With phone and fax no.
  • What plans they offer?

Namecheap offers three programs:

First is WhoisGuard “Protect One” which may protect one domain and considered as a better option for starters or beginners. Its price starts from $2.88 per year.
Second is WhoisGuard “Dual Pack” which may provide protection up to 2 domains and its price start from $4.88 per year.
The third one is WhoisGuard “5 Pack” which protect your up to 5 domains at a cost starting from %7.88 per year.

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