An Open Source Global Illumination Renderer


Welcome to toxic's website.

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toxic is a physically correct global illumination renderer aiming to produce photorealistic images and animations.

toxic's goal is to provide artists with a free, powerful rendering tool which is actively maintained, developed and extended.

toxic is an open source project, available on SourceForge, and licensed under the GPL license. That means that:

  • toxic is free for commercial and non-commercial use.
  • toxic sources are freely available, modifiable and redistributable.
  • toxic sources may be used in any open source project licensed under the GPL license.

More details about the GPL license stuff may be found on the What is Copyleft? page hosted on the GNU Project website.

toxic's main feature is physical correctness. toxic has been designed and developed from the ground up with physical correctness in mind. From scene specification to final rendering, all quantities are expressed in physical units.

Physical correctness implies using algorithms which require a huge processing power. Moreover, most of these algorithms are stochastic algorithms needing a lot of samples to converge, i.e. to compute a noise-free solution. For these reasons, toxic is built around a carefully designed raytracing kernel implemented using very recent computational geometry techniques (see the Technologies section on the Features page).

In memory of Robert Beaune (1936–2003).